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Vote for Your Favorite Sexpert!

A couple of weeks ago we sent out a blog post asking YOU, our readers and members of PleazeMe and the Sex-positive community to nominate your Favorite Rockstar Sexperts (Sex Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Coach, Sex Experts & Sex Educators) and you did!

So, here is our list of almost 300 sexperts [<—Jump to Link] that made the long list and now it is time to vote for PleazeMe’s Top 100 Rockstar Sexperts for 2021.

Wowza! Cue crowd applause, fireworks and happy orgasms!

While everyone on the list is a rockstar in our eyes (and we think you should visit everyone on this list) we only have space in our final list for 100… so…

Let the Voting Begin!

Sexperts are so important to our personal sexual development. This is largely because historically, our sexual journeys begin with our parents’ standard of the “birds & bees” chat paired with a reproductive-focused sex-ed class in school. The rest of our sexual experience is left to self-discovery via media, society, and one-on-one interactions that shape our sexuality. Oddly, though sex is the pillar of human experience, it is one of the most widely censored subjects, leaving us to feel ill-equipped and isolated in our sexual evolution. A sex therapist, sex coach or sexologist has the expert knowledge to assist us on our journey to gain an understanding, as well as providing the invaluable tools for improving our sexual outcomes and intimate relationships. After all, who doesn’t want toe curling fun, mind blowing orgasms and sexual confidence galore?

Celebrating Sex Professionals!

This annual list of the World’s Top Sexperts is PleazeMe’s way of acknowledging and celebrating all the amazing, awe-inspiring, sex, love, relationship and dating experts and educators out there who, like us, have the mission of changing the world into a more sex-positive, sexually empowered, safe and inclusive place for all sexual beings to explore, become educated, and pleasure empowered.

At PleazeMe, we are committed to fostering a sex-positive community for adults to support healthy, loving, and compassionate human relationships for all, through the freedom of expression. PleazeMe has created a solution-driven community platform that provides the personalized tools and sex education to safely explore a satisfying sexual journey, inner personal peace, happiness, and compassion that ultimately manifests into healthy and thriving communities.

As 2022 begins, we reflect back on 2021 and are so thankful for all of you, our Members, Channels, Readers, Partners and Enthusiasts who have supported us throughout the year and into the New Year.

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Yes, we ROCK! 😉

I’m Ready to Cast My Vote!

How To Vote:

Voting is super easy! Just click the Heart Icon ❤️ below each Sexpert’s photo you’d like to vote for.

  • Voting for each Sexpert is only counted once.
  • Sexperts can vote for themselves.
  • You can vote for as many Sexperts as you like (up to 300!).
  • Voting closes Jan 25th 2022 at midnight PST.
  • Share this page to your social media sites, or on your PleazeMe Member’s page to help promote our list (or if you are a Sexpert to get others to Vote for You!)
  • Sexperts on this list can use one of these awesome badges below to display, to get your fans & followers to vote for you.
  • Link back to this page with your badge: https://blog.pleazeme.com/pleazemes-top-100-rockstar-sexpert-list-2021-nominees-time-to-vote/

Final List:

On January 31st, we will post PleazeMe’s Top 100 Superstar Sexperts Awards list, with links to each Sexpert, their bio and areas of expertise.

This list will then become a resource for adults seeking expert knowledge, education, support, and sexual healing.

That’s it!

Let the sexpert voting begin!


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Sexperts Vote List

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